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Rose Windows • Four Seasons 2020
Copper foil and tinned copper wire - 24” diameter

Based on the archetypal rose window frame I have taken another stained glass iconic tradition of the four seasons and melded them together. However unlike the even geometry of traditional rose windows radiating from the center I chose to use an odd number of spokes in my windows. My dramatic use of colour and spun wire has created an inspiring collection of windows that speak to the ever changing colours that mother earth blesses us with in each passing stage of birth, life, death and rejuvenation.

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Autumn Colour
Rose Windows


Winter Freeze


Spring Forsythia


Summer Sunset



Landscapes of Various Colours
(Colours shown may not be available)
9" Circles on wooden base
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Fiddlehead Galaxy 2018
36 x 36
Copper foil and tinned copper wire - 36”
Diameter What began as a walk through the fern groves of south western New Zealand resulted in a stained glass rose window of birth, regeneration and the cosmos. To the indigenous Maori of NZ the fern represents new life and new beginnings. This is my gateway into my interpretation of the Iconic rose window. Each singular frond represents birth. Each Birth represents our place on the earth. My muted pallet was a personal choice to represent the depth of colour as you walk through such a wet and abundant environment. The lighting and its effect on this piece is reminiscent of the play of sun as it filters into the lush fern groves.
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Amiens Cathedral, South Transept Rose Window replica, 2021
Copper foil and tinned copper wire - 16” Diameter
Teresa was especially taken with the tracing of this High Gothic window from the outside. The detail in the architecture of the times shows up in its sculptural plasterwork. Teresa’s interpretation is emphasized by the shadows created on the background mirrored water glass, giving it a distinctive gothic look. Her use of gilding wax ages and enhances and ages the intricate wire work.
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Stained Glass



Feathers for the Fallen Part II 2021
24” Diameter
31 herons died in August 2015 at an inactive sump pond at the Mildred Lake site, which at the time was not covered by Syncrude's waterfowl protection plan to deter birds from landing at tailings areas. Teresa was especially saddened to hear of yet more waterfowl deaths on the Fort McMurray, Alta. oil sands tailing ponds. This following the death of more than 1,600 ducks in 2008. (See Feathers for the Fallen) Birds have always been a source of inspiration for Teresa. Living along the path of many of our migrating friends she has taken a keen interest into their preservation and beauty. Five slender beaks of Canada’s largest Heron are leading into a red black center symbolizing the misguided trust that these birds showed in landing on what they thought were feeding grounds. The strength of their massive 2 metre wing spans could not save them from imminent death. Teresa has again chosen to break with traditional rose window motifs of equal radiating spokes from the centre but has chosen to embrace her design sensitivity towards the uneven or odd.
Available from Artist
after Suserrations Exhibition at Carnegie Gallery April 2024

feathers for the fallen

feathers for the fallen


Escarpment Views 2021
32" x 32” Back lit box.
Teresa is well known for her beautiful local landscapes, many of which feature birch and aspens trees found along the Niagara - Tobermory Escarpment. Her proximity to the escarpment and it’s ever changing colours is a constant source of inspiration for her. She has taken some of her well known escarpment designs and delicately interwoven them between the trees to come up with this stunning Quatrefoil Rose Window. Reminiscent of the Gothic Style of rose windows but with contemporary and local imagery.
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escarpment Views


The Birds of the Woodland Cemetery 2021
Stained Glass stands of various heights, ranging from 12 - 18 inches high.
Another of Teresa’s personal experiences involves the birds that live around her own personal property. This includes the Woodland Cemetery across the road from her studio and continues to provide her with a wealth of inspiration. She is blessed to live in an area where almost any species can be spotted at the right time of the year, and with its nature sanctuaries located at the head of Lake Ontario and sheltered by the Niagara Escarpment there are always birds present. From the Robin that claimed her backyard as its personal training ground for her babies to the every so interesting Turkey Vultures that have adapted to cleaning up the organic mess we leave behind.
A series of 4-5 has been planned out so far. They may include: Eastern Screech Owl, Canada Goose, Red tailed Hawk, Downy Woodpecker, American Crow…
Robin SOLD, Turkey Vulture SOLD
Available from Artist
after Suserrations Exhibition at Carnegie Gallery April 2024

Red Morph Eastern Sceech Owl 10" x 21"

red morph Screech Owl


Three Sisters Yucca 2012
Five Layered Stained Glass in Stand.
24 x 18 x 8 stands 6 inches up from table top
Available from Artist

three sisters


Rain Forest Rose Window 2020
27 x 27 - colours are reflective of their surroundings
Available from the Artist

rain forest

raine forest


Rose Window Background Info:
The earliest, plain circular openings of Romanesque churches were Oculi or eyes. As church structures became larger, the windows evolved with radiating segments to span greater diameters. While mason architects achieved new heights and technical achievement in church building, the tracery forms of windows became ever more intricate and flamboyant, even floral, which is how Rose Windows derive their name. The great roses of the Gothic period and later are the high point of this craft. AGOG's contemporary interpretation of Rose Windows reflect the themes of looking and seeing, the circularity of time and sacred geometries, and of course, inspiration through beauty and colour.

Hope Grows, 2021 AGOG
53” x 53“ x 3”
Six petal window with a hand made oak frame
Artist: John Jighley, Joe Speck, John Martin, Siobhan Lynch and Teresa Seaton
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hope grows


Nests of Colour 2020
Green (SOLD), Red (SOLD), Blue (SOLD),Aqua (SOLD),
Spun Wire, Stained Glass and Brackets
Available only at Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery Shop
$325.00 each
Rose Windows

Rose Windows

In Respect 2015 / 19
In Respect to the Glascow School of Art raveged by Fire in May 2014 and again in 2018
Red represents the fire, Blue the water to douse the flames and
the Mystic the smoke that destroyed so much of the library
The rose shapes are reminiscent of the iconic Rennie Macintosh rose.
Can be hung vertically or horizontally.
Available from Artist


Bowls with George Wilkinson





garden glass
Garden Glass
Making Roots with John Highley

gallery tree
  gallery landscape
gallery floral