Below are an assortment of commissions designed and fabricated by Teresa herself.
All work is original design and she takes the utmost care to meet your stained glass desires and needs. From 2D to 3D. She does it all.
Installations are available for a small fee.
Please email her at for inquiries.

Bevel Dance
Private commission, Burlington 2023

bevel dance
bevel dancebevel dance

bevel dance



Sidelight Landscape
8x36 Private Commission 2022, Dundas

stainedglass sidelight

stainedglass side light


Canada's East Meets West
22" x 22 " Private Commission 2022

East West

East WestEast West

Bevel Dance
14" x 36" Private Commission 2022

Bevel Dance

Escarpment Reflections
36" x 36" Private Commission 2021

escarpement escarpement



Gordon Memorial Lamp 2020
stainedg glass lamp
stained glass lamp stined glass lamp
stained glass lamp stained glass lamp
stained glass lamp

Private Commission 2020
"RedWood River"
stained glass

Garden Glass Commission 2019
I was so proud to place this artwork that was delayed by the pandemic.
Thanks to David Galway for the photos.
Garden Glass
garden Glass


Private Commission 2020

landscape StainedGlass


Private Commission 2019
Trillium Landscape 30" x 30"

trillium landscaope


Private Commission 2018
Rainbow Drop Abstract

ripples in glass

(Funny it looks so much smaller )


Private Commision 2017
Spring Summer Winter
Unique location between two rooims, Living Room and Office.

private commision in glass

private commission in glass
privatecommission in glass
Private Commission 2017
Birch Stand
The stained glass you made for us "fits-like-a-glove" in our window.
FANATASTIC! It looks beautiful and matches our decor perfectly.

Private Commission 2017
Prevailing Winds
Had to ship this baby to St.Louis, MO.
prevailing winds


Private Commission 2017
Dunlop Memorial Window
I was given the hounour of making this window for someone taken before his time



Private Commission 2017
Windswept Transom

feathers in glass
feathers in gass

Private Commission 2016
Burlington ON. Kitchen
Wave abstract with wire work

waves in glass
wavesin glass
waves in glasswaves in glass

Private Commission 2013
based on the McIntosh Rose



River Valley
Private commission for a home in Burlington Ontario.
Thanks to Barry Bonvanie for making the install possible.
landscape in glass

landscape in glasslandscape in glass
Private Commission
Three Families wanted their own view of the lake.

My design split the view three ways with the outside panels overlapping
to make the center panel.
landscape in glass
Private Commission - During the burial of her father, cardinals were flying...
Mississauga, ON
cardinal in glass
Number 33
Private Commission,
door in glass
door in glass
Private Home Commission
Burlington On
kitchen in glasskitchen in glass
kitchen in glasskitchen in glass

The newly married couple in Montreal absolutely love your "Lake Ontario Swells"
creation of glass and light. They appreciate it immensely.
Judith Murrey


Hi Teresa, Happy New Year!
It has been a very long time....but I finally have a photo of your beautiful
stained glass window to show you. The window faces east so I get morning sun
streaming in through I wake up to it every morning....and smile.
Everyone who sees it loves do I.
Many thanks! Leslie


The stained glass you made for us "fits-like-a-glove" in our window. FANATASTIC!
It looks beautiful and matches our decor perfectly.
Thank you once again for such a talented and creative custom piece of artwork.
Gord & Helen Beck


( Ron Joyce - Philanthropist of the year 2016)
was absolutely thrilled and he loves the award. Well done!
Mayor Rick Goldring, City of Burlington

Teresa ( our window ) is beyond spectacular we absolutely love it!!!
It changes by the hour in terms of colour and everything is beyond
what we imagined!! Thanks again is perfect!!


WOW!, WOW!, and WOW!
I am staring at your art work in different lights as the sun heightens
in the sky…..beautiful cascade of changing tones and hues.
It’s a masterpiece!!!!
Steve Lipinski

Teresa, your glass work is stunning, one of kind treasures.
The awards you created for our 2015 Hall of Fame Inductees are outstanding.
Thank you very much,
Hilary Sadler, Marketing & PR, The Burlington Performing Arts Centre.


Thanks for the great work. We think they look perfect.
Susan Watts


It was a great evening and wonderful tribute to Rainer.
Thank you for the beautiful award - we congratulate Rainer on this very special occasion.
Cheers Hilary ( Sadler )
Manager, Marketing & PR The Burlington Performing Arts Centre


Thank you so much Teresa.
Your artistry made the Eco-Awards extra special.
I know that Rob ( Stewart) and all the recipients of your
beautiful creations will cherish them and reflect on the true meaning of appreciation.
Kind regards, Amy Schnurr
Executive Director BurlingtonGreen


We love our stained glass!!
Dorethy & Brad Ledgerwood

I wanted to thank you for your beautiful artistry for the Burlington’s Best Awards.
I am the lucky recipient of the Environmental Award and am thrilled and honoured
to have received this recognition and especially grateful to have your
beautiful stained glass award as a cherished reminder of the honour.
My dear Dad used to dabble in stained glass work and so your beautiful
creation is especially meaningful to me.
Cheers, Amy Schnurr


Hi Teresa, Just wanted to thank you for my beautiful piece of art..created by your hands..
as you can see it hides the snow and brings joy to my heart every morning, noon and night. Thank you
Irene Brooksbank


The piece looks fabulous and we're absolutely thrilled.Thank you for everything.
Bill & Heather Sorely

My Mom loved your trillium piece. thank you, thank you!!!
Tammy Hext


We just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying your glass art.
Chaos hangs in my office and can be viewed from the main hallway.
I just love the piece and how well it fits l with its surroundings!
Thanks again. Patrica Griesser and Loren Bandiera


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Teresa, Just a note to say I loved
my Christmas gift and we soon will have a fabulous home with which to properly hang the piece of art. All the best.
Sarah McPherson


Melanie was very pleased with the wonderful present she found for Sana at your studio.
Estelle (my granddaughter) loves her piece of green glass, thank you.
We love your stained glass creations Teresa... unique and inspired by nature.
Judith Murray