Studio Set Up

I have been moving my studio around my house since 2001, starting in the furnace room to the spare room in basement to the basement itself. Gobbling up more and more space from the family. When I began to threaten that a move upstairs to the great room the family said I had to go.... I have been eyeing a space in front of the Royal Botanical Gardens for over two years. Luckily I just happen to squirm my way in there thanks to both Matt and Kyle of Edy Roy and the acceptance of Jerry the owner of the property.
So here we go!
Old studio in the basement of my home. Man it looks as crowded as it felt.
old studioold studio 2
old studio 3
New space... glorious space. Load by Load it got moved. Thanks to many fiiends and their trucks.
new studio
new studio 2
new studio 3
new studio 4
One of my biggext expenses was my work benches.
Thanks to Joseph Bauman and his team my dream has come true...
I have waited 10 years for this.
new table
new table 3
new table 4
nw table 6
Beautiful Sunsets
One of the bonuses of my new space is the sunsets. I just love being here at this time of day.
The sign is up.... Ready for Business
reay and able for sales
My official hours are Thursday through Sunday 11-6.
But you'll find me there most days. If the SUV is out front I am in there working. Feel free to drop in.