Lower Dashwood New Zealand

Okay so maybe not every inspiration comes from the Canadian Landscape. I have had this image in my head from 2004 during a trip to New Zealand. The sheep in the paddock and the setting of the sun gave the scene the most beautiful hue. The mountains in the background the tree line and the fence line lent itself to a vision I had of a tri panel with each panel made from three windows. Why make it easy eh? I found some agate years later that again reminded me of the gum trees in the area of the world.
Even though the design looks simple it will be very busy once complete.

Lowere Dashwood pick Glass
Some of the hardest desisions to make are the glass choices. I have been sitting with these on the window sill for the past few days and am still not happy. Will be heading to suppliers next week to see if I can find the perfect glass to pull these colours together.

Now we are getting somewhere. Will start cutting soon.

I start by laying out the agates and glass pieces (traced from the agates) to figure out how I wanted the tree line to look.
Then cut them into each other.
Tacking together the tree lines.

Starting to build the three middle panels of the tri-panel. Thought it would be best to start with the middle panel as the glass in front and behind (the fence line and the mountains, respectively) will be affected by this middle tri-panel. I will use these wooden templates for all the glass panels.

Spent the whole day just cutting all the frames to
all the same length.
Have framed in the middle panels.Have laid over
pattern so you can see where it is headed.

Starting to attach the trees now.

Bit by bit am building the forest.

Finally getting the Tree line to look as I want. It will look great when they are blackened.
Reminds me of the Arts and Crafts Movement

Fence line panel is coming together.

Here are the two finished panels stacked on top of each other... Looks much better in a window.

Starting to cut together the back and final panel. Getting there.
The final image is now in the gallery.