Hollyhocks Small Panel
I had a bit of left over glass so decided to use it up and design a smaller window. A "design as you go" window.


I keep the leftover glass together for a bit after each window for a couple reasons.
1. May need it to rework something.
2. Since the colours are still floating around my head I may come up with a new design.


Took the existing patern and modified some of the flowers.
I just filled in the rest of the window with leaves as I saw was needed.

Developing a spun wire portion of this window... winging it.
Notice the top right of the window was empty to start but then realized I needed somewhere to attach the chain...Was going to add more flowers but thought the strength of the pinks would unbalance it and filled with background glass.

Decided on a thicker came than usual. Seemed right.
P.S. this is the back of the panel. Notice the texture of the glass refelcting in the light.

For the smaller pieces like this I wash in the sink. I use a piece of board to rest the window on.

Time to clean up the assemby table.

Drying after the wash.

I blacken everything with patina. Only need to polish then finished...