How to hang my work.....
I am often asked this question. Here is my visual answer.

This is my home studio solution. I have hung the curtain rod attachments on the inside on the window frame as opposed to above it. The curtain rod has multiple curtain hooks along it so I can move things around as I need to.


This method works wonderfully. You use two hooks into the top of the window frame. Attach two curtain hoops to those. Run a curtain rod thorugh those two hoops then place the hoops you need on the rod to hang the stained glass from.


This method also works well for one panel.
A couple of 60lb picture frame hooks hammered into the molding
at the same distance apart as the hooks on the window.

This is the preferred method of hanging form two cup hooks aligned strsight up from the hooks on the stained galss artwork.


If you wish to hang from one hook please use an over rated cup hook.
I recommend NEVER using suction cups. If you use them get the bathroom lockable variety. But remember to check them often for loosness. The cold outside temperatures and the warm inside temperatures can make them come loose.


When installing in a door it is best to have a removable molding that the window fits under. The stained glass window is made to fit and then the molding is attached back on. The stained glass in on the inside of the house.

Modern cabinets are so easy to install glass panels. They have rubber molding that holds them in place on the inside of the cabinets. Just have to make sure the windows are made to size and presto, they pop in.
I hope this has helped.