Every Window tells a Story - This is Jeanne's

"My family came from Greece in 1957 and we settled in our home in the east end of Toronto. My sister Fanny still lives in the family home although my parents have passed away. Recently my sister Fanny did some extensive renos in the kitchen and we all laughed (5 siblings) when we thought about how the kitchen used to look. My Mom had a bed in the kitchen where she sat do her mending, knitting, and dry her phyllo pastry…….my father had an extensive vegetable garden in the backyard (he had the best tomatoes in the neighbourhood) and my mother grew dahlias, they were her favourite flower and she had quite an assortment of colours and sizes, neighbours and family friends were always coming by to admire them. In the kitchen sits this small window that my sister left untouched during the renos…….my mother always opened that window when she was cooking and before we had a fridge that was the fridge during the winter…..I remember frozen meat sitting on the small window ledge….lol…… wow how times have changed…….anyway I hope I haven’t bored you with this story but I felt you should have some background to my request; my sister Fanny is turning 50 this year (Christmas eve) and I was thinking about getting a stained glass piece to hang in front of the window that would have dahlias in it and the year we came to Canada and moved into that house as a gift to her….actually the gift is for all of us to commemorate our parents and their struggle to come to a new country to escape poverty and make a better life for their children."


"We are very proud of our heritage and how far our
family has come.......and I have to tell you how surprised my sister
Fanny was when she opened the box and saw your beautiful stained glass
piece.....and all that it represented.....how you honoured both my
parents......Christmas eve was a very emotional time for all of us.
Thank-you again.......

IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! You are truly an artist"

Jeanne Robinson