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Closing Dec 24th at 12:00
The Studio will then be closed untill February

For more information please call 905 510 5030

It's been a pleasure serving you and the arts community in the Gallery.
I would like to thank all of those who exhibited at the Gallery.
You will all stay close to my heart.

They include:
Jason Diesbourgh, Digital Artist
John Stirling Fine Art

Don Grave Landscapes, Fine Artist
Linda VanWyk, Collage Artist
Anna Kutishcheva, Landscape Artist
Birds Adapted for Flight or Fancy, Winners Mita Giacomini and Helen Griffiths
Mike Deboni and his Rusty Remnants
Judy Anderson and her Games board Collages
Franz Rood, Pottery
Nikola Wojewoda-Patti, Pottery and Collage
Mary Philpot and the Hamilton Potters Guild Mentors Show
David Galway, Photgraphy
Johdan Stone Art
Lorraine Roy, Fibre
Tzvia Devor, Fine Artist
Michele Van Maurik, Fine Artist
Tamara Kwapich
Michael Zarowsky
Barry E, Fine Artist
Mat Zangrando, Digital Fine Artist
Doug Mays, Water Colourist
Sue Gunter, Fine Artist
Peter Schlotthauer, Artist Balcksmith
Art in Action
Aubry Denomy, Fine Art Clock Maker
Kristina Kirkwood, Sculptor
Ed Robin Hoyer, Fine Artist
Julie Donec, Fine Artist
Helen Griffiths, Fine Artist
Cheryl Goldring, Fine Artist


Glass Exhibition Christmas


Winter Classes Full
Please email for Spring Classes

Only 2-3 persons per class.

For inquiries email teresa@teresaseaton.ca


As of February my Studio will be located at 755 Spring Gardens Road.
Directly down the road from my current Studio.

It has been a good run and I will miss my studio mates Tamara, Siobhan and Peter.

Here are just the first shots of the new "at home" studio set up...

And when the sun comes through them its glorious..staine glass doors



Public Art
City of Burlington Signal Box Wrap 2021

public art stained glass



Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spec Go Section June 6, 2020
rose window

Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spec Go Section March 7, 2020
hamilton spec

Your T.V Interview by Natalie Stoberman

Very proud to have designed and produced this for the City of Burlington
Especially considering the first recipient....
Key to the City

Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spec Go Section August 30, 2019
Regina Haggo

Most, Print Edition, Hamilton Spec Jan 2019

Spectator January 19, 2019. Regina Haggo Review.
Spectator Jan 19

Mary Phillpot and the Hamilton Potter's Guild Mentors Program
Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spectator Oct 27,2018

Nikola Wojewoda • Contemplate Exhibiton
Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spectator Sept 8, 2018

Teresa Seaton honoured with recieving Burlington's Best Artist of the year for 2017

With Mayor Rick Goldring, the 2017 Burlington’s Best Award winners are,
from left: Kim Moss (Community Award); Addison Wood (Junior Citizen of the Year);
Friends of Freeman Station, accepted by Ron Danielsen (Heritage Award);
Mae Radford (Senior of the Year); Osob Adus (Citizen of the Year); Mayor Rick Goldring;
Bill Murray (Accessibility Award); Teresa Seaton (Art Person of the Year) and
Gloria Reid (Environmental Award).

December 2017
AGOG December Glass Show Burlington Post


Lorraine Roy, Sept 2017
Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spectator

Dec 2016
AGOG December Glass Show and Sale - Burlington Post

Sept 2016
Burlington Gazette

December 2015
AGOG Christmas Show -Burlington Post


December 2015
Buriington Mural Project

Judy Mayer-Grieve: King Road Underpass, Ward 1
Claire Hall: Freeman Station, Ward 2
Teresa Seaton: Amherst Park, Ward 3
Hannah Sell and Liam Racine: Port Nelson Park, Ward 4
Tamara Kwapich: Orchard Community Park, Ward 5
Donna Grandin: Ireland Park, Ward 6

@ Home Interview 2015
with Tomy Bewick and Myself about Feathers for the Fallen

Look who made it to television.
Thanks to my friends Carm and Jason at Play Advertising

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cult days

Arts Matter with Deb Dymstra

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