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Rose Window Exhibition
June 2023
Paul Elia Gallery Hamilton ON

Four artists interpret life with birds
Teresa Seaton, Mita Giacomini, Mary Philpott, D. Heather Moore
Spring 2024
Carnegie Gallery, Dundas ON


Making Roots 2022
Public Art Collaboration Teres Seaton/John Highley
Maple Park Community Garden

Making Roots of your own takes time, patience, perseverance and determination. One’s personal journey through life, finding their own blend of themselves in their chosen community is symbolized in this artwork. The five different colours of glass radiating from a blended core root represent the mosaic fabric of life in our community. As you view the various roots in this artwork, you are invited to contemplate the communities you belong to and celebrate your own integration and diversity.

mosaic glass

Mosaic GlassMosaic Glass

making roots

Stained Glass Classes/Workshops

Dundas Valley School of Art
Introduction to Stained Glass 2023

Intro April 27- May 11
Panel Class May 18 - June 22
stained Glass Class

Private Home Studio Classes registration.
Only 2-3 persons per class.
For inquiries email teresa@teresaseaton.ca



Hamilton City Magazine, Sept 2022
Burlington Waterfront Sculpture Trail


Key to the City
Burlington Teen Tour Band
July 1st 2022

key to the city Burlington

key to the city Burlington

Key to the city Burlington

key to the city Burlington



Key to the City
Renata Fast and Emma Maltais
Team Canada, 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games
March 2022

Key to the City Burlington


Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spec Go Section June 6, 2020
rose window



Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spec Go Section March 7, 2020
hamilton spec



Your T.V Interview by Natalie Stoberman


Very proud to have designed and produced this for the City of Burlington
Especially considering the first recipient....

Key to the City



Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spec Go Section August 30, 2019
Regina Haggo



Most, Print Edition, Hamilton Spec Jan 2019



Spectator January 19, 2019. Regina Haggo Review.
Spectator Jan 19



Mary Phillpot and the Hamilton Potter's Guild Mentors Program
Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spectator Oct 27,2018



Nikola Wojewoda • Contemplate Exhibiton
Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spectator Sept 8, 2018




Teresa Seaton honoured with recieving
Burlington's Best Artist of the year for 2017

With Mayor Rick Goldring, the 2017 Burlington’s Best Award winners are,
from left: Kim Moss (Community Award); Addison Wood (Junior Citizen of the Year);
Friends of Freeman Station, accepted by Ron Danielsen (Heritage Award);
Mae Radford (Senior of the Year); Osob Adus (Citizen of the Year); Mayor Rick Goldring;
Bill Murray (Accessibility Award); Teresa Seaton (Art Person of the Year) and
Gloria Reid (Environmental Award).



December 2017
AGOG December Glass Show Burlington Post





Lorraine Roy, Sept 2017
Regina Haggo, Hamilton Spectator



Dec 2016
AGOG December Glass Show and Sale - Burlington Post



Sept 2016
Burlington Gazette



December 2015
AGOG Christmas Show -Burlington Post



December 2015
Buriington Mural Project

Judy Mayer-Grieve: King Road Underpass, Ward 1
Claire Hall: Freeman Station, Ward 2
Teresa Seaton: Amherst Park, Ward 3
Hannah Sell and Liam Racine: Port Nelson Park, Ward 4
Tamara Kwapich: Orchard Community Park, Ward 5
Donna Grandin: Ireland Park, Ward 6



@ Home Interview 2015
with Tomy Bewick and Myself about Feathers for the Fallen



Look who made it to television.
Thanks to my friends Carm and Jason at Play Advertising

first on



Burlington Culture... Many Voices One Vision

cult days



Arts Matter with Deb Dymstra

Arts matters